Tape Transfer

VHS Video & 8mm Cine Film

Preserve those memories

No longer have a video recorder or projector ?

Let us transfer your old video, camcorder tapes and 8mm cine film to DVD so that your precious memories aren’t lost.

VHS/Camcorder Tapes

£10 per tape for up to 2 hours of video'd footage.

£5 per tape per hour thereafter (ie a 3 hour tape is £15, a 4 hour tape is £20)

8mm Cine Film

£10 for up to 200ft

£5 per 100ft thereafter (ie 300ft reel is £15, 400ft reel is £20)

Bespoke Editing

We also offer a bespoke editing service where we can
enhance the quality
remove fuzziness in between sections
fade in and out
add feature text at the beginning, in between or end
add background music
print photos from video footage
Please contact with requirements so we can provide a quotation for bespoke fixing.

Family run, no-one else will view your filmed footage.