Slides and Negatives

In addition to our photo restoration service, we can also scan your slides, negatives and photographs, documenting them onto a CD or DVD for you to view in a slideshow format.

Images of memories are irreplaceable:  send us your slides or negatives today for preservation.  
We bring your history into the present!


We do not use bulk scanning equipment - all our scanning is done individually by hand so as not cause any damage to your slides, photographs or negatives.

This service does not involve any additional work other than cropping and rotating the image if necessary. The scanned images will then be either emailed to you or saved to disc at a cost of £3.00

Scanning Service
Do you have packets of old negatives or slides with no idea of what is on them ?
Do you have photographs stuffed in a drawer ?
Do you have loads of old photographs of varying sizes ?

Photographs can be resized to 6x4" or 7x5" so suitable for framing or photo albums.

Images can be saved to a memory card for use in a digital photo frame.

Photograph Scanning 35p

Slide Scanning from 45p

Negative Scanning 40p per frame (not strip)